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  • Vitrines d’amour 2023 – 03/02/23 – 19/02/23

    I made these works (Suite suivante I & II) for Vitrines d’amour, an annual art walk through Ghent as part of Valentine’s day. The prints are 60 x 70 cm, printed on beautiful Hahnemüle rice paper.

  • Group expo ‘White’ Gallery Nono, The Hague, 03/02/23 – 26/02/23

    White A colour that speaks a thousand words.A pure white canvas.A calming and soothing presence.An untainted and clean slate.A space to create and explore.And for you to be seen. With Wim Nival, Alex De Bruycker, Sander Reijgers, Stef De Brabander, Tineke Bruijnzeels, Catelijne Boele and Jelle Van Den Heede.

  • Group expo ‘In transfer’ Gallery Nono, The Hague, 02/12/22 – 31/12/22

    Ceramics and glass objects by Kira Fröse (DE), paper objects by Darja Esser (DE), ceramics and paintings by Camille Truyffaut (BE), collages by Jelle Van Den Heede (BE)

  • Publication in OKV Art Magazine nr 4 – september 2022

    A few months ago, the belgian leading art magazine @okvtijdschrift asked Coupee Collage Collective to help shape and content the special edition on collage art. After a summer, filled with interviews, studio visits , reading masses of background material, discovering a whole new generation of collage artists, and a lot of writing and rewriting, the …

  • Group Expo @ Kapel Petit, Drongen – 10 & 11/09/22

    Group Exhibition with 4 artists living in Drongen, in the context of the art festival ‘Kunst door Drongen’. Together with Stijn De Pourcq, Sien Sien, Bianca Impens, Luc Vermeulen.

  • Opening Gallery Nono (new gallery space) 04/09/22 – 25/09/22

    The 4th of September was the official opening of the new gallery space for Gallery Nono in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Two of my recent works were exhibited at the opening, together with the works of Bertrand Fournier, Alex De Bruycker, Wim Nival, Floris Hovers, Nuria Maria, Kira Froese, Camille Truyfaut, … On view until …

  • POST – IT collage expo @ De Krook, Gent

    Three years after the World Collage Atlas project, COUPEE launches a brand new project for world collage day. A huge exposition of hundreds of small collages, made by artists from all over the world on tiny post-its. For the POST-IT expo I made the work ‘Growing apart together, growing together apart’, 2022. An ode to …

  • Kunst Rai / Art Amsterdam 13/04/22 – 18/04/22

    NL Gallery Nono (Den Haag, Nederland) toont het werk van 6 kunstenaars verbonden aan de gallerij op de Kunst Rai Amsterdam. Nuria Maria (solo), Wim Nival, Alex De Bruycker, Kira Froese, Camille Truyffaut, Jelle Van Den Heede (collages). Welkom in booth 76, Gallery Nono! ENG Gallery Nono (Den Haag, Netherlands) shows the work of 6 …

  • Foto Expo in Entr (de Centrale) 03/2022 – 05/2022

    Photo exposition, showing a selection of images from my short trip to Lanzarote.

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